Presented By The Lancaster Rotary Club
Lancaster Snow Derby Race Dates
January 12th 2019 / January 26th 2019 / February 23rd 2019 / March 9th 2019
Lancaster Snow Derby Race Location / Lancaster Fair Grounds, Lancaster NH
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General Information

Please read all rules carefully so you understand what classes you can compete in.

  • Some classes in the race are scored with a transponder system. Each driver in a transponder scored class will be required to have a transponder.
  • The Lancaster Snow Derby is a "2 track" event. We will be operating 2 race tracks throughout the event.
  • Top 3 in any given race will receive trophies / 120 classes will all receive an award.
  • Early registration is encouraged with a discounted rate. Please visit our website registration page for details.

Race Day

  • Pits open at 7:30. Registration opens at 7:30 am. PLEASE be pre registered if at all possible. Registrations close at 9:30 am. Nobody can register after 9:30 am. Pre race safety inspection will take place from 8:30 am to 9:30 am. Racing will start promptly at 10:15.
  • Additional technical inspections may occur. Driver +1 crew member may be present. Race representatives will be present.
  • If a duplication of race number occurs, then the last one to register will have to change his / her race number.
  • Classes are broken into 2 main categories 1974 and older Lisbon Rules and 1985 and older Northwoods 603 Rules. Sleds may jump up from the older classes to the newer classes. Newer sleds may not jump down into the older classes.


  • Pre-registration will speed the process for racers and event officials. We encourage you to pre-register if at all possible and to promote that we offer discounted registration fees.

Pre-Registration Fees

  • Adult $30.00 per sled for 1 class / $15.00 for each additional class.
  • Youth $20.00 per sled for 1 class / $10.00 for each additional class.
  • Race Day Registration Race day registration will be from 7:00 to 9:00 am the day of the race you are competing in. Registrations will close at 9:00 am. Pre race safety inspections will occur from 7:30 to 9:30.

Race day registration

  • Adult $40.00 per sled for 1 class / $20.00 for each additional class.
  • Youth $30.00 per sled for 1 class / $15.00 for each additional class.
  • Transponders The transponder is affixed to your helmet. One transponder is needed per driver. Each driver will need a transponder in order to be scored during the race.

Transponders Fee

  • Adult $10.00 per sled / pre register is $5.00
  • Youth $10.00 per sled / pre register is $5.00

General Rules

  • All drivers are 18 or older except for specific age classes.
  • Drivers under 18 will need a parent / legal guardian present on race day to complete the youth application for.
  • Drivers will be disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct to include but not limited to bumping, pushing or hitting another driver if deemed intentional by Race officials.
  • Starting procedure will be consistent with a motocross style race with competitors lined up with engines running. Flag start and finish will be used.
  • Any sled that stops running for any reason or is disabled must be pulled into the infield as quickly as possible. Crew members are not allowed to cross the track to assist in repairs.
  • Running sleds must have a tether that is attached to someone at all times. No exceptions.
  • By registering for the race drivers agree to accept all decisions of the race officials at all times.
  • Chest protectors are required to be used by drivers in all classes.

Race Length

  • Qualifier / 3 laps.
  • 120 qualifier / 3 laps
  • Feature race / 7 laps
  • 120 race / 7 laps

Safety Requirements all classes

  • Helmets and eye protection are mandatory in order to compete. It is recommended that each driver have a high visibility colored helmet. 75% blaze orange color is recommended.
  • Chest protectors are required in all classes. Motocross style chest protectors are not acceptable protection and will not qualify. Tech Vest or equivalent is recommended.
  • High visibility clothing is recommended with at least a 12x12 area of blaze orange coloration front and back.
  • Tethers are required in all classes and must be attached to the driver at all times while engine is running.
  • Gloves and leather boots with at least 6 inches above ankle coverage are mandatory in all Mod classes and recommended in all other classes.
  • All competing snowmobiles must have a functional snow flap securely installed in its proper mounting configuration.
  • All Competing snowmobiles must have a functional OE clutch / belt guard securely in place.