Turner Classes

Turner Snow Derby Classes

Turner Stock Single    (Turner Rules)

Stock Class

Sled must be a production line model, offered to the public.

  1. Model year 1973 or older. No limited production or RND models. Must be fan cooled.
  2. Must have point ignition.
  3. No performance kits.
  4. Single tether cord – must be operational before, during and after the race.
  5. Ski tips must be padded.
  6. Snow flaps must be no higher than 1 “ off the ground
  7. Cowling must be on sled at all times!

Motor Regulations

  1. Engine must be 1973 or older fan-cooled, Available option chassis entered in race.
  2. Carburetors must be original butterfly type
  3. Exhaust must be stock and in original position.
  4. Pistons are original or stock or replacement. Max - .060 oversize allowed. Stock stroke.


  1. Chain case and braking must be original.
  2. If original track was cog driven than the replacement track must be cog driven
  3. Skis are original or stock replacement. (No plastic or aluminum skis.)
  4. Carbide runners are allowed.
  5. 3 inch spreaders allowed each side.

Fuel Tanks-

    Must be original and in stock location.

Handle Bars

  1. Must be original. May be reinforced but not extended or raised. Hooks are allowed. Max width of 29 inches.
  2. Original throttle and brake controls.


    Must be original


  1. Original or stock replacement, Max ¾ of an inch lug height.
  2. Replacement rubber tracks allowed with ¾ inch lug height Tracks may not be cut, trimmed or shaved. R tracks are allowed for rubber conversion (15" width only), must widen stock suspension, new suspension mounting holes may be added to accommodate moving skid in a new location.
  3. Cleated replacement tracks are still allowed however cleats must be riveted on and cannot be sharpened or ends closed off.
  4. No traction devices allowed.

Drive Line

  1. Must be original. May change gear ratio, weights and springs
  2. Clutch center to center must be stock. May change belts.
  3. Clutch guards must be in place.
  4. Original clutch or Comet 94-C clutch allowed

Modified Class

Modified Single Cylinder

  1. Must be a production model 1973 or older, fan-cooled, single cylinder. Exception of 1973 TNT
  2. No limited production or R&D model
  3. Handlebars must be original, may be reworked in any manner. Changes must be welded. (No adjustable bars). Max width 29”
  4. Seat must be stock appearing.
  5. Single tether cord. Must be operational before, during and after race.


  1. Fan cooled single cylinder only
  2. Engine brand must match sled brand. Arctic cat may run Kohler, Sachs, JLO, Kawasaki & Hearth engines of any CC’s.
  3. Overbore is allowed.
  4. Carburetors will be original type- up to 42mm max
  5. Points ignition only.
  6. No reed or rotary induction
  7. No stinger pipes


  1. Chain case, gears and secondary clutch must be original
  2. Original clutch, comet duster or power block replacement may be used.
  3. Gear ration may be changed.


  1. Replacement tracks are allowed on all models
  2. Single cog drive may be replaced with duel drive cog.
  3. Cleated tracks may be replaced with rubber.
  4. All tracks will have no more than .750 lug height
  5. Snow flap 1” from ground.


  1. Suspensions may be interchanged within same manufacturer.
  2. Must be 1976 or older, no alterations to frame except mounting holes
  3. Steel skis only. Must have tips wrapped.
  4. 3 inch spreaders allowed on each side.
  5. No traction devices allowed.
  6. Carbide runners allowed